Magic The Gathering – The Collection Grows!

Is been a month or so since my first post of starting a Magic The Gathering collection. I have been grabbing has many’cheap’ mint/near mint common cards has I can find. Found a nice deal on a BSG 7.5 graded rare Living Artifact that was selling close to market price. My next goal is to try and grab a rare card that’s on the reserve list, I’m looking at you Darkpact.

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Augmented Reality test with iOS11

Augmented Reality test with iOS11 using my iphone 6s. Using aframe.js and Jerome Etienne’s you can make amazing augmented reality quickly and easily. You can give it a try yourself by first printing out this pattern, afterwards visit the site by clicking here.

Magic The Gathering – Alpha Collection Start

I’m starting a Magic The Gathering Alpha Deck Collection and Investment. I believe the value of these cards will continue to increase due to the limited availability and general interest in the old MTG alpha deck.

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EU4 – Byzantium to Rome Ironmen Attempt #2

Is that time for another attempt at reforming the Roman Empire in Europa Universalis 4. This time I got more closer than the previous one. I didn’t get very lucky when it came to personal unions, if I had gotten one with France, this attempt might of been a success.

So I hear you want to become a White Walker

I made this little web app to turn you into a White Walker from the HBO television show Game of Thrones. It uses clmtrackr along with a After Effect video to create a more fun experience. I recommend you be in a well lit room and with glasses off if you wear any. Click here to try it out.Become a White Walker from Game of Thrones