Despicable Me Review

Despicable Me – Review

Despicable Me is actually a very cute movie.  It starts off a little slow, not knowing what the hell is going on and wondering where the minions are.  The minions and the little girls are what make this movie.

The plot is a simple one: Gru (voice by Steve Carell) was once the world most notorious thief until a new younger thief Vector (voice by Jason Segal) steals an Egyptian Pyramid. In an attempt to win back his notoriety Gru steals a Chinese shrink ray gun to shrink and steal the moon. After Gru steal the shrink ray gun, Vector is right there to steal it from him. So, Gru has to break into his house to steal it back. After several attempts to break into Vector’s compound, Gru sees three little orphan Girl Scouts are welcomed into his compound to sell him some Girl Scout cookies.

The minions and the little girls are what make this movie.

Gru changes his plan and adopts these three little girls so he can build robot cookies to send in disguise to allow him to break in and steal the shrink ray gun.  This plan goes off without a hitch (sorta). The robot cookies must have been set on a timer because once Gru broke in and stole the gun the robot cookies sealed up the wall and locked Gru inside. Luckily Gru was able to make his way out of the compound without being caught and made on his way with the shrink ray gun.

After the successful re-heist of the shrink ray gun, the little girls want to go to the amusement park for some fun. Gru reluctantly takes them and ends up having a great time and even grows a little closer to these girls.

After successfully stealing the moon, Vector once again manages to get his hands on the stolen moon but kidnapping the girls and demanding a trade for the moon for the girls. Gru agrees and hands over the moon but Vector keeps the girls.  Eventually it is brought to Gru that the shrink ray gun eventually reverts whatever was shrunk back into its original size.

The rate of reversion is dependent on the size of the object. Large object revert quick than smaller ones. Since the moon is so huge its reversion rate is very quick.  Gru must now save the girls from the increase moon. He does and re-adopts the girls, they were taken away from him earlier in the movie, and vows to never let them go again. Gru had a Grinch moment.

The movie was very cute and as I said the minions and the little girls made the movie.

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