catherine video game review

Men, do not cheat on your girl.

If you do you’re an asshole, and if Atlus had its way all cheating men would be turned into sheep, and made to solve climbing puzzles every time they fell asleep. That is the plot and gameplay for Catherine, a fun but ridiculously frustrating game. Vincent, the main character who is stuck between a long time girlfriend named Katherine, and a hot new flame named Catherine.

Vincent’s trying to juggle between both women while stuck in a nightly nightmare where he is forced to solve a climbing puzzle before the time runs out; if he fails, he dies. In between stages Vincent spends time between the real world and a staging area for other cheating men/sheep who are stuck in the same predicament as him. He makes choices on question that eventually affects the outcome of the game.

The online feature is basically a morality poll on if your someone who is ready for marriage or just looking for a good time. The results are shown with data collected from other players.

The puzzle stages are tricky and very hard even on normal. Your main adversary on each stage is the time limit, some stages have extra gimmicks thrown in such as unmovable blocks, to blocks that make you slide around uncontrollably.

The boss stages are unbelievably frustrating, not only do boss stages move faster, the bosses themselves have special attacks that make the climbing and solving puzzle almost impossible. It feels like most of time that getting past a stage requires a combination of luck and memorization, because you are going to redo these stages over and over again.

I suggests you rent this game first before you buy, if you’re still playing after the 2nd stage than your one of those who love punishment, and make no mistake this game will punish you.

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