Magic The Gathering – Alpha Collection Start

I’m starting a Magic The Gathering Alpha Deck Collection and Investment. I believe the value of these cards will continue to increase due to the limited availability and general interest in the old MTG alpha deck.

I’m gonna start off with buying some cheaper uncommon and common cards. So far I’ve bought a copy of Disintegrate, Dragon Whelp, Red Elemental Blast, and Shatter. My goal is to own a copy of each Alpha mint or near mint card.

To keep these in near mint condition I’m going to be implementing the double sleeve method using KMC Perfect Fits for layer one, and then insert them into Premium Black Double Matte Guard Sleeves. Then inserting everything into a Cardboard Gold Card Saver 1. Finally putting everything into a Grimoire Deck Box.

Let see how this goes, I’ll update this blog with any new purchases I add to my collection.

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