EU4 – Byzantium to Rome Ironmen Attempt #2

Is that time for another attempt at reforming the Roman Empire in Europa Universalis 4. This time I got more closer than the previous one. I didn’t get very lucky when it came to personal unions, if I had gotten one with France, this attempt might of been a success.

Banished – Colonial Charter

Banished Colonial Charter

Arvine Tonwship

I went back to playing Banished during my winter break. I was looking forward to playing it with the latest Colonial Charter mod. This mod adds so many more features to the game, from new buildings to decorations. Here is my settlement after about 60 hours of gameplay.

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EU4 – Brandenburg Ironman

Europa Universalis 4 - Brandenburg, German Empire in 1824Trying to form Germany in Europa Universalis 4 with Brandenburg. Expansion was slow due to the Holy Roman Empire and aggressive expansion penalties. Once Germany was formed, its ideas made land battles a cake walk. Wars with France and the Ottoman Empire was won with fewer men and manpower. Battles with odds heavily in favor with the enemy were won decisively by Germany.

EU4 – Roman Reconquest

Europa Universalis 4 Roman Empire in 1814

This is my second attempt to restore the Roman Empire in Europa Universalis 4. The Eastern parts of the empire were restored, with inroads into Hispania and Italy.

After the game ends in 1821, I converted it to Victoria 2 to continue my campaign. Continue reading EU4 – Roman Reconquest


catherine video game review

Men, do not cheat on your girl.

If you do you’re an asshole, and if Atlus had its way all cheating men would be turned into sheep, and made to solve climbing puzzles every time they fell asleep. That is the plot and gameplay for Catherine, a fun but ridiculously frustrating game. Vincent, the main character who is stuck between a long time girlfriend named Katherine, and a hot new flame named Catherine.

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Trine Review

trine video game review

I’ve seen many reviews about well known games like Uncharted 2, Killzone, Super Mario Galaxy, Modern Warfare and the like. Usually these games are from accredited publishers and are no brainers for reviewers to partake in because of their high profile.

Today however, I wanted to bring to light a game that for the most part seemed to go relatively unmentioned. TRINE, by developer Frozenbyte, inc. is by far (and in my opinion) one of the most entertaining PSN game when it comes to some co-operative fun.

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