Banished – Colonial Charter

Banished Colonial Charter

Arvine Tonwship

I went back to playing Banished during my winter break. I was looking forward to playing it with the latest Colonial Charter mod. This mod adds so many more features to the game, from new buildings to decorations. Here is my settlement after about 60 hours of gameplay.

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Happy New Year Again

Chinese New Year 2017

Happy Chinese New Year, is the year of the rooster. Some of you will have a good year, others will not. To help you out, I have created a simple chart for you to follow. If you are born in the year of the:

Rat: You’re screwed

Ox: Lucky SOB

Tiger: Not bad

Rabbit: Screwed

Dragon: Okie Dokie

Snake: Really lucky

Horse: Really screwed

Goat: Not as screwed, but still screwed

Monkey: screwed

Rooster: Really Really screwed

Dog: Waaaaay screwed

Pig: Okay, but screwed

New Year starts on January 25th. Good luck everyone.